From the Artist

In my classical drawings I want to dig deep within; to capture my own inner aesthetics, as well as evoke an emotional connection with the viewer; tapping into our mutual cultural roots, placing just enough detail to allow the minds-eye to insert it’s own rich ideal and complete a more meaningful subjective imagery, in the tradition of a true classicist.

In my mixed-media extensions of my pencil drawings, I try to take the audience further along into my own flavors through color, mood and emphasis; sometimes, shockingly, others barely perceptible, but always striving to veer off the beaten path.

My digital digitations (finger drawing) are expressions of raw quick energy, designed to strike a blow between the eyes. From the mildly suggestive to the dark corners of my mind, I try to provoke. Fast, fluid finger strokes tell it all. The titles bring a smile, although not always from my loving and supportive wife.

Cat Wretching

I have no use for being a camera, there are way too many of them already.

Join me in my found second life and stay tuned:
The beast has been unleashed.