About the Artist

Thomas Tuttle, born in 1947 in New York City, just recently returned to the joy of art after a nearly 40 year detour. Originally self taught, he set off to Chicago in 1966 to study both architecture and fine art. Upon returning back east shortly thereafter, he went on to build his career in architectural design in New York and Connecticut.

Tom’s first love was life drawing in both pencil and charcoal. Halfway through 2012, encouraged by friends and family, he picked up his first pencil in decades, and was reborn in a Silvermine art class. Since then, he has gone on to charcoal and now is currently experimenting in the new digital media pallets. First, just working with an iPad, an app, and his finger, he has created a series of what he calls “Inappropriate rants”, digs and satirical humor, as an ongoing project. To explore this path further, Tom has begun combining both his classical lead pencil drawings with these digital painting programs to create a unique style and mood to his art.